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Help for Sex Addiction and Porn Addiction

Stop Watching Porn
Help for Sex Addiction, Porn Addicts, and their Families

Stop Watching Porn. Get Porn Addiction Counseling from Compulsion Solutions

without you having to leave your home.

We can see you in person AND we also will work with you on the phone or by Skype. We have clients across the country and around the world, and we can help you to stop watching porn.

We’ve been offering personalized, individualized help for sex addiction, porn addiction, and masturbation addiction since 1995.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

Sex addiction and porn addiction was literally ruining my life. Traditional talk therapy didn’t work, nothing did until I met former sex addict George Collins with Compulsion Solutions. He saved my life and my marriage. —> more client comments


Sex Addicts For Sex Addicts – Stop Watching Porn Today

We’ve been there. We are former sex addicts and porn addicts who know the way out. We know your pain.

Anything you’ve thought of or done, we’ve thought of or done. We just don’t do it anymore. We know what it’s like to have “porn attacks” or other sexually compulsive urges. We have a staff of trained therapists, counselors and coaches led by George Collins, M.A. We’ve experienced and recovered from issues related to sex addiction, porn addiction, masturbation addiction, sexually compulsive behavior, and co-dependency.


Compulsion Solutions is different than traditional psychotherapy.

It’s revolutionary. Traditional therapy doesn’t necessarily stop damaging sex addict and porn addict behaviors and often doesn’t incorporate scientifically proven “mindfulness” techniques as are now being used by the military to treat PTSD and substance abuse. These are the techniques we’ve been using for over 20 years to help people just like you.

We KNOW addiction and compulsion and our purpose is to teach you to know your OWN. We tell you the “magician’s secrets” of psychology and teach you to “convert” your compulsive sexual thoughts and energy into useful/positive behaviors and lifestyles.

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