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High Bottom/Low Bottom

You can free yourself from the chaos of sex and porn addiction. You can make the choice to take control of your life and sex addiction before it has the chance to ruin your life. In this video, Daniel talks about a high bottom (where you recognize that there is a problem and you make the decision to change before you lose it all) or the low bottom. We want you to choose the high bottom. You don’t have to keep acting out until you reach your low bottom. Pick up the phone and give us a call at Neulia Compulsion Solutions now.

Does it Serve You?

When you ask the question: “Does your sexually compulsive behavior serve you?”, the answer is obviously, no. But Daniel at Neulia Compulsion Solutions challenges you to ask yourself “Does it serve you?” about other aspects of your life — aspects that may be contributing to your sexual compulsive behavior. You may just find that there are things you are doing that you didn’t even realize are creating obstacles for your sex addiction recovery. Learn more by checking out Daniel’s video and get the help you need by picking up the phone and calling us at Neulia Compulsion Solutions. We understand what you’re going through and we’re here to help.

Your Life Without This

What would your life look like without sexually compulsive behavior? How would your day-to-day life change? Would your relationships be more fulfilling? Would you be more successful in your career? You can be free, joyous, and unburdened. You don’t have to have the shame and guilt. Really. Check out this video for some ways you can begin to picture your life without acting out. Then, Contact Us.


Years ago, the founder of Neulia Compulsion Solutions, George Collins made the decision to work through sex addiction recovery and address his sexual compulsive behavior. Because of that decision George made all those years ago, Daniel is now free from his sexual compulsive behavior as well. Think about how making the decision to get help with your porn addiction can positively impact your friends, family...and even people who might not ever know. You can change not only your own life, but the lives of others around you by picking up the phone and reaching out to us at Neulia Compulsion Solutions.

Feeling Grateful: Then vs Now

In this video, Daniel at Neulia Compulsion Solutions shares his experience and reflects on his life now, versus what it used to be when he struggled with sexual compulsive behavior. His life then versus his life now is COMPLETELY different — in a really good way. You really can live the way you want to live, free of compulsion, like Daniel. He did it. You can too. Watch the video for more insight and make today the day you reach out for help with sexual compulsive behavior.

The Truth About Intimacy

Daniel from Neulia Compulsion Solutions talks about what true intimacy is, how sex and porn addicts perceive intimacy, and how those misconceptions can be addressed in your own sex addiction recovery. All humans desire intimacy, but not all humans know how to find the intimacy they desire. Intimacy does not equal sex — sex and intimacy are, in fact, two different things. Sex can be an element of intimacy, but intimacy involves so much more. Learn more about intimacy and how you can change your thinking by watching Daniel’s video and reaching out to Neulia Compulsion Solutions.

How I Got Free

When you’re going through sex addiction recovery, it’s important to know that you are not alone. In fact, both George Collins and Daniel (the speaker in this video) have dealt with sexual compulsive behavior and have found a way to get a better, more free life. In this video, you’ll hear all about Daniel and his story and how he managed to get from where he was in his addiction to where he is today. It all starts by admitting that you need help and taking the appropriate action. We know that speaking with a specialist who’s been through what you’re dealing with is especially powerful and effective. That’s what you get when you call us. Check out Daniel’s story and get the help you need at Neulia Compulsion Solutions today.
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