Rapid Results Group Sessions

Daniel Brown leads our online group sessions through our Rapid Results program.

Join Daniel’s group sessions and get fast results on your road to recovery. Each week you will get a video lesson and can join our group call. The best part: You can remain anonymous while still enjoying camaraderie with other men who know right where you are. Plus, you have the option of adding private one-on-one sessions with Daniel to up your accountability and drive your recovery. All of the group sessions are done online.

Book a time to talk with Daniel.

Book a time with Daniel to talk.

Let’s tackle this together.

Book a time to talk with Daniel.

What You’ll Get in the Rapid Results Program:

  • 18 video lessons (1 each week).
  • Weekly group session with Daniel and other men who have been where you are.
  • Access to a discussion board and app for daily interaction.
  • Optional private one-on-one sessions with Daniel.

“Daniel, I’m getting way more than I expected from the basic group package. No lie, it took me about two and a half, three weeks after being in group to get my head out of my ass. Looked in the mirror shaving after work one day and thought, what the hell am I doing to myself. Thank you.” – Rapid Results Member

Call 404-596-8636 to get started, or Contact Daniel.