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"I was a porn and sex addict —the lies, the fear, the shame. I lived it… and know the way out. Now it's your turn."

- George Collins

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Anyone who has struggled with sex addiction knows that living with constant sexual compulsions can be extremely difficult. But summoning the courage to find help for this condition can be even more of a challenge. If addictions to pornography, strip clubs, massage parlors, prostitutes, phone sex, or chat rooms have made you feel trapped, this book can help you find a way to break free. Written by a former sex addict who specializes in counseling people who suffer from sexually compulsive behavior, Breaking the Cycle presents a step-by-step plan to enjoying a life of productivity and purpose. You can free yourself from the powerful, compulsive urges that may have damaged your career, finances, or relationships with friends and family. The exercises in this book will show you how to regain control of your life and build meaningful intimate connections with others.

"I just finished reading Breaking the Cycle and it was exactly what I needed. My sex and porn addiction was destroying my relationship with my partner. Thank you for writing this book. It was funny at times, powerful, and spoke to me perfectly. It touched on everything I needed to hear."
"Breaking the Cycle should be required reading for anyone struggling with sex and/or porn addiction. Mr. Collins provides simple, practical methods that squash the urge to act on initial impulses and allow you to move past them before they take over. The examples from his practice and his own personal experiences had me thinking over and over that he really understands what I’m going through. I feel like I can now function like the man I was meant to be. I am very confident this book can save lives, marriages, families, etc. . ."
"I’d like to just say thank you for the work you’ve done in putting together Breaking the Cycle. This book has quite literally changed my entire life. I could go on and on about the ways life has gotten better, but I’ll just leave it at this—I’m not sure where I’d be right now if I had not decided to read this."
George Collins is the founder and director of Neulia, by Compulsion Solutions. He is recognized as an expert on sexually compulsive behavior, participating in forums on pornography and sexual compulsion and has been a guest on local, national, and international radio and television shows.
George didn’t just go to college and read about sexually compulsive behavior. He lived “the life” and got over it. Who is better able to help you than a former sex addict?
George holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology (with a Transpersonal Specialization) from John F. Kennedy University. He has been treating addiction for over 20 years.
George is author of the best-selling book, Breaking the Cycle and is committed to helping others gain freedom from sex addiction using the same methods he used.
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