Spouse of Sex Addict? A couple committed to surviving? Watch This Video by Paldrom Collins

If your relationship has been rocked by sexually compulsive behavior, this book will provide you and your partner with concrete tools and guidelines to not only save your relationship, but take it to new depths of understanding, love, and connection.

The book takes readers by the hand and gently and compassionately leads them from the pain and disillusionment of a relationship shattered and betrayed through a forest of confusing past and present influences toward a future based on trust, vulnerability, and the joy of true intimacy.

George Collins, M.A., a former sex addict and practicing sex addiction counselor for over 20 years, and Paldrom Collins, a former Buddhist nun and current sex addiction counselor, present a refreshing new approach for couples struggling with the issue of sexually compulsive behaviors such as excessive pornography and masturbation, frequenting prostitutes or strip clubs, serial affairs, and other acting out behaviors.

The book can be ordered at Amazon.com

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