Rick Springfield Is A Sex Addict AND Inspiring

80’s superstar Rick Springfield wrote a book called Late, Late at Night, in which he talks about his suicide attempt, a lifelong strugge with sex addiction, and depression. His interviews are powerful as are his recent live performances. I’ve had Jessie’s Girl stuck in my head since I started reading about him. Remember that song?
His recent song “I Hate Myself” has connected with audiences everywhere and he really seems to be enjoying his new found freedom.  Here is a link of Rick performing his song on the NY subway. If you’ve ever ridden one, you know how cool this must have been.  It’s thrilling to see him at 63 still rocking. It’s a message to all of us to never stop.
“I Hate Myself” just may be the first super pop song about sex addiction. It rocks. Here is a link to another performance in the subway station with the lyrics. He sings, “I hate myself, because I want you.” Wow! This is powerful stuff.  Enjoy the videos and read the lyrics below. Do you think he’s talking about sex addiction?  Below the lyrics you will find part of a newspaper article with some great links to an interview he did for Parade magazine. And finally, here is a link to his book.

My so-called friends all quit
Without a kiss goodbye
Everybody thinks I’m a creep
And so do I

I think they all think
That I’m insane
You’re the weak link in my chain
I climb on your cross
Go ahead and crucify me

Because I hate myself
Because I want you
I hate myself
I’m a one man wrecking crew

You’re so bad for me
I’m like a dead man walking
So let’s connect real soon
And get ‘em all talking
We’ll circle the wagons around your bed
And prove I’m right with everything I said

Cuz I hate myself
Cuz I want you
I hate myself
I’m a one man wrecking crew

Damn the danger
The scandal too
Burn me down
I’m black and blue
I hate myself
I want you

I hate myself (I hate myself)
I hate myself (I hate myself)

Cuz I hate myself
Cuz I want you
I hate myself
I’m a one man wrecking crew

You’re bad for me
I’m bad for you
My big breakdown
Your big break through

I hate myself
But I want you

Rick Springfield, almost a one-hit wonder for his ’80s lust-driven track “Jessie’s Girl,” has opened up about some concerns that are a bit darker than a crush on your best friend’s lady.

The pop-culture icon recently revealed that he has struggled with a series of life-long issues including depression and a sex addiction. He wrote about these secrets in his new autobiography, Late, Late At Night, and spoke extensively with Parade about what his fans can expect from the tell-all book.

The “Affair of the Heart” singer explained the role of sex addiction in his life, a force that he says has deeply wounded the relationship he has with his wife Barbara and stems from his low self-esteem and depression.

“It becomes the thing that you use to make you feel good. It’s not, ‘Oh, I’m feeling turned on tonight.’ It’s a power thing. It’s like, ‘If I have sex with this pretty girl that’s got to mean something — she is OK with having sex with me. So there must be something OK about me’ — because you start so far down in your own self-esteem,” Springfield said.

“That’s my home down there, and I’ve had to fight that depression all of my life. I see how it crushes my wife. I know that we all have our problems, but I’ve never personally spoken to anyone that has had a sh–tier childhood. There were times when I’ve not wanted to be in my own skin, and that’s a very scary feeling.”

The tome is also the first time that the “General Hospital” star admits he attempted to take his own life at the age of 17. The singer took some time off from his star-studded career in the ’90s to go to therapy and try to repair the damage that his sex addiction had caused in his marriage. He also recently appeared on Dr. Oz’s show to talk about the book, citing his wife as the reason he’s made it through all of this.

“[My wife] is the greatest human being in the world and I’m doing everything can now in my life to show her that she picked the right person,” Springfield said. The book hit shelves late last week (Oct. 12) and Rick kicks off his latest tour with a show in Atlantic City on Monday, Nov. 5.


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