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Recovery Multiplier

Recovery Multiplier

The military has a term called “Force Multiplier” which, according to the Department of Defense, is defined as “A capability that, when added to and employed by a combat force, significantly increases the combat potential of that force and thus enhances the probability of a successful mission accomplishment.”  At Neulia and Compulsion Solutions, we’ve adapted that concept to help you multiply the effectiveness of your recovery and enhance your probability of a “successful mission accomplishment.” Let’s apply the Recovery Multiplier to Dennis who has had a compulsion to look at porn and is about to lose his marriage and family.

Why Recovery Multiplier Works

Dennis was not able to stop looking at porn on his own. He needed techniques to start to stop looking at porn. So he enrolled in the Neulia online course which has proven to be very effective. However, Dennis can increase or multiply the effectiveness if he takes certain actions. For example, if in addition to following the course, he reads my book “Breaking the Cycle: Free Yourself from Porn Addiction, Sex Obsession, and Shame,” he will be multiplying the effectiveness of his recovery times 4. This is called Recovery Multiplier. Why does this work? Because Dennis is reinforcing his recovery.

Next, if Dennis does the exercises in the course and in the book, he will again be multiplying his recovery times 4. If he engages in the online forum, he will again be multiplying his recovery times 4. I think you get the picture.

Dialoguing and Recovery Multiplier

Because dialoguing is a crucial part of the Neulia recovery process, if Dennis dialogues with his addict for any length of time, he will be multiplying his recovery times 4. In the book and the online course, we stress the importance of writing down your dialogues. Anytime you write something down, that increases the effectiveness.

If Dennis writes down the dialogue he has with his addict, he will be multiplying the possibility of success times 4. If Dennis sends us his dialogue or shares it in the online forum, he will again be multiplying his recovery process success times 4.

Recovery Multiplier and Demystification

Although it might sound like a mysterious word, demystification basically means to take out the mystery -- de-mystify. When Dennis dialogues with his addict, he’s taking a step to take out the mystery of how his addict has been running his life. This is what happens when Dennis does the exercise of Turning on the Lights in the Amphitheatre. Those parts of himself that have been operating in the dark -- in mystery -- are now exposed in the light. This demystification is a Recovery Multiplier which increases the effectiveness and chances of success times 4.

Because Dennis did his homework, wrote in the online forum, wrote down his dialogues, and so on, he both multiplied his chances for “mission accomplishment” and sped up the process of recovery through Recovery Multiplier. You can do this, too. Reading this article is a step. Now take more steps. Do your homework. Engage in the online forum. Write down your dialogues. And let us know how you’ve multiplied your recovery.

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