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Have You Had “The Talk”?

Learn the tools to become your child’s
best ally and help them to make
the right decisions.
Have you had “The Talk” about …
  • What can be seen on the internet – pornography
  • Appropriate use of the internet
  • Sexting & its consequences
  • “Safe” texting & images
  • Compulsive behavior in a permissive society
Benefits of Having “The Talk”
  • Parents establish a line of communication with sons or daughters who may need guidance
  • Parents learn if sons or daughters are sexually active
  • Parents learn if sons or daughters are using the internet for sex
  • Sons or daughters can know their parents are aware of what young people encounter in texting, sexting, and on the internet

Let’s face it-today’s children face increasing challenges that earlier generations never encountered. From easy access to the internet, the popularity of websites like MySpace, web-enabled cell phones, texting, cable and satellite television, to name a few, it’s almost impossible to shield children from viewing material best suited for adults.Waiting until high school or puberty years to have the “birds and bees” talk with our kids is outdated. Maybe the first time you thought of having these discussions came after the discovery your child already looked at online pornography by viewing their history logs. Perhaps their cell phone records? Today, even a new term has entered the fray-“sexting.”Boy TextingChildren are naturally curious about sex and they now access sexual material, directly and indirectly, every day. As a parent, how do you best guide your child through these challenging times so that they can make their best choices? How can you become comfortable talking about this, and they with you? You can become your child’s ally.Whether you need somebody to talk to your child about sexual compulsive behavior or need parental tools to guide your child, we can help you. We specialize in working with you to foster trust, better communication, and creating the alliance you both need.


James Gallegos
As both a counselor and a father, I understand the challenges presented to today’s children, and their parents. I enjoy working with both kids and their families on setting proper boundaries, opening dialogues, and helping to set up a system of trust and open communication.Sometimes a child is merely curious about sex… or maybe they are beginning to act out a lifestyle that leads to an addiction. All of my adult clients experienced sexual material and activity during adolescence and it went unchecked. Perhaps a helping hand early enough could have guided them in a different direction.I’ve been there as a teenager, as a therapist, and as a parent. I can help you sort through all of this.


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