Men’s Quiz for Sexually Compulsive Behavior

1. Do you feel your life has become unmanageable because of your porn use?


2. Do you feel you spend too much time online for sexual purposes?


3. Do you feel that your porn usage has desensitized you to sex with a partner?


4. Do you feel that you need to continually look at more extreme or explicit  (i.e. fetish) sites?


5. Has your porn habit interfered with your social life? Is it becoming a replacement?


6. Do you think of porn images when you are with a real person sexually?


7. Do you regularly hide or erase your search history on your computer or smart phone?


8. Do you experience sexual performance issues that you suspect are connected to your porn usage?


9. Have you been unable to moderate your porn or sexually compulsive behaviors even though you see how it’s hurting you or others?


10. Have you ever had your marriage or a serious relationship threatened or ruined because of your porn use?


11. Are you unable to concentrate or fulfill your life potential because of compulsive sexual thoughts and/or porn use?