Kung Fu Your Sex Addiction

Today, the source of my inspiration was Kung Fu Panda 2 …. yes, you heard me right! Ed told me about how powerful the message in this movie was but I didn’t pay attention until I took the kids to $1 movies at a local theatre.

There I was, enjoying some alone time with the kids … totally enjoying the relaxation and mindless entertainment of a kids animated movie, one which Jack Black is in and he ALWAYS makes me laugh! I was truly shocked though…. this movie is anything but mindless, it’s VERY ZEN actually.

So, to me it mirrored a guy who is wrestling with the demons of his past, while the bad dude (which represented one’s inner addict) is trying to take complete control of everything and destroying whatever lies in it’s path! The main characters are a Panda named Po who kicks ass at Kung Fu … and the evil heir to the dynasty, named Shen. The story shows Po’s journey to understand his past and how is able to defeat Shen, or the addict, once he finds his own inner peace! Sound like anyone we know??? HHHMMMM …. I see a connection, don’t you?

Yeah, it totally sounds like our spouses, trying to come to terms with their past and in a constant fight with their inner addict. Their inner addict convinces them that they aren’t good enough, or loved enough and really that deep down they kind of suck. It makes a damn good case case for itself, arguing that you cannot win and it is too hard and not worth the fight. Really GREAT men have just given up when put face to face with their addiction.

Like in the movie, two of the dynasty’s greatest warriors just gave up and sat in the jail, didn’t fight back because they said that there was nothing they could do, they accepted their fate, even though they were miserable! Well, Po decided they were wrong and he was going to make a CHOICE to FIGHT … he was angry at their powerless attitudes …

Fine, you stay in your prision of fear, with bars made of hopelessness and all you get is 3 square means a day of shame … and despair for dessert!

YEAH, YOU GO PO!!!!! I wanted to jump out of my seat and do a backflip (actually I could have done that in my younger days … lol)!!! Seriously, that pretty much sounds like how an addict feels every day just feeding his compulsion and not feeling free!!! Po shows us that we CAN fight, we don’t have to listen to ours inner addicts. And the fortune teller shows Shen that “The cup you choose to fill has no bottom. It is time to stop this madness.” …. wow, that is so how I felt at the end of Ed’s bender! There was no satisfaction at the end of his searching … it was time to stop the insanity!

Once Po found his inner peace, he was able to defeat Shen (or the addiction) and stop the cannons or triggers and temptations that were literally being thrown at him. They were exploding all around him and he didn’t allow himself to be sucked down into their destruction. And in the end he WON! And you can WIN too …

Your story may not have such a happy beginning, but that doesn’t make you who you are. It is the rest of your story, who you choose to be … So, who are you Panda?

OMG … I could have cried at that line! And really, this goes for us all, the addict or the partner of the addict. I ask you this … Who do YOU want to be??? I know who I want to be!!!!

As the AWESOME Crane says to the evil SHEN ….

“You can chain my body, But you will never chain my warrior spirit!!”

Let’s all embrace that right here in this moment …. No one will EVER chain my warrior spirit! Not Ed, not judgy people out there … not anyone!!!! And no one can take YOUR Warrior Spirit from you … YOU ARE IN CONTROL of your life!!!!!

Po is a great warrior … maybe goes through it a little clumsy, a little awkward (aren’t we all a little like that?) and doesn’t always do exactly the right thing, but when the team works together (like in a relationship) they are totally unstoppable! They can conquer anything … even save Kung fu!!!! LOL!!!

ALL OF US can learn a lot from this movie too! It’s a struggle for any of us to truly find inner peace, life is hard … life sometimes sucks …. we make mistakes that may have hurt us or someone else …. or we have made choices that have not been the best for us …. but those things are in the past. Here is something beautiful and inspiring that Po said to the addict Shen about how he was able to find his inner peace …

Wounds heal. You got to let go of the stuff from the past – because it just doesn’t matter! The only thing that matters is what you choose to be now.

In that moment Po’s tiger friend (the fabulous & powerful Tigress) tells him “That Was Hard Core” … I agree, defeating your inner demons, finding inner peace and resisting the temptations of an addiction is VERY HARD CORE!!!!

Let’s all celebrate our paths to inner peace!!!! Let’s embrace and be excited that life put us in a space that we are forced to find inner peace. That is sooo powerful! We can make the choice to swirl in the toilet bowl of what has happened or we can open ourselves up, accept what we have experienced and learn from it all. We wouldn’t be who we are today without it. As Master Shifu states … “Anything is possible when you have inner peace.”

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  1. Hey how’s it going?
    I was taken back by this article, I’m currently going through some things in my relationship and that’s what led me here (at 12am GMT +0 btw) it made a nice change from everything else I was reading, and sometimes you need to hear some……. to be honest crazy but logical, lateral thinking! I shall keep up the fight against my inner addict and aquire inner peace. Thanks for shareing

  2. Congrats on your post! I read your blog all the time for comfort. I am going through such a though time right now and you make me feel like im not alone in this world….Thank you so much for what you do.

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