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Is My Partner A Sex Addict? 20 Questions...

1. Does your partner spend a lot of “private” time on his computer, his phone, or at work?

2. When you notice your partner is on the computer, does he turn it off or flip to another page?

3. Does your partner hide his cell phone to avoid your detection of his phone calls or text messages?

4. Has your partner's demeanor changed?

5. Is your partner acting differently by being more secretive, private, unreliable, critical, or irritable?

6. Is your partner not as social as he used to be?

7. Does your partner have unexplained absences?

8. Do you feel like you just don’t get straight answers from your partner anymore?

9. Are you experiencing a lack of connection and intimacy with your partner?

10. Does your partner seem unavailable to you?

11. Do you feel your partner is avoiding you?

12. Does your partner seem “tuned out” or lost?

13. Have the sexual interactions with your partner changed?

14. Has your partner become uncharacteristically demanding or rough sexually?

15. Does your partner require more stimulation sexually?

16. Has your partner become unresponsive sexually and/or ceased initiating sex?

17. Has your partner developed a preference for masturbation?

18. Has your partner's relationship to his body changed? Has he become overly concerned with his penis—with caring for, touching, adjusting his pants, or exposing his anatomy?

19. Has money become an issue in your relationship? (If your partner is spending money on porn, prostitutes, or other illicit sexual activities there may be a lack of funds.)

20. Is your partner sexually unfaithful? (Not every sexual betrayal is a sign of sexual addiction. However, if your partner is engaging sexually with another or others and is not stopping, even if he says he wants to, he probably has an issue with sexual compulsivity.)

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