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Dealing with Sex Addiction

Dealing with Sex Addiction

Dealing with sex addiction is very difficult. Over the last 200 years sex has become a public taboo, an unspeakable subject. So how can someone who is addicted to sex overcome that stigma to get the help they need? In this article we’ll talk about how to know if you’re a sex addict, and how you can go about getting help to overcome it.

How to Know if You’re Addicted to Sex

Like all addictions, sex addiction has several recognizable side effects. The first, and most obvious is constant fascination with sexual moments and actions. You think about sex all the time, and it negatively impacts your daily life. Masturbation stops being more than a once in a while thing, and becomes a near-constant necessity.

The effects sex addiction can have on your daily life can be fairly severe. You can know you have a problem with sex when it negatively affects your relationships; your work, causes legal issues, and causes you to lose interest in non-sexual actions.

Perhaps the side effect that has the largest impact is that sex addicts are much more likely to cheat on their significant others. If your partner isn’t providing you with enough release, you’ll find it elsewhere. So how do you find help?

How to Get Help for Sex Addiction

Once you’ve admitted that you may suffer from sex addiction, the next step is to find help dealing with it. There are three options, each with benefits and disadvantages. The first is to deal with it on your own. This is almost never the best solution, and hardly ever works. Quitting something cold turkey is hard, and usually, unnecessary.

The second option is to consult a psychologist. This is a great option, but is often expensive, and can be a turn off for a lot of people suffering from sex addiction since it requires admitting to the problem face to face. Sex addiction is an embarrassing problem for a lot of people, and admitting it out loud, even to a trained professional, can be very difficult.

The third, and final option is to use an online solution. There are several to choose from, and all of them have benefits over the “real world” option. One of these comes from Dr. George Collins, who’s a world-renowned expert on sex addiction. The treatment is called Neulia. The treatment is 100% online and confidential, and is up to 90% cheaper than traditional treatments.

Getting help online is a great solution for people who want to solve the problem, but want to do it in a semi-anonymous way. Getting treatment over the Internet provides you with the anonymity that only the Internet can provide.

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Sex addiction is a growing problem. As society becomes more and more open to sexual expression, especially at a young age, sex becomes less of a taboo. If you’re suffering from sex addiction, the best thing you can do is find a way to get the treatment you need.


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