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A Client "Changes His Mind" by Talking to Sex Addict

A Client "Changes His Mind" by Talking to Sex Addict

At Compulsion Solutions, my job with clients is to help them "grow up" their sexually acting out "inner  child” and convert its energy to their good. It's to help them change their story, from a childish soap opera to one rich with peace, joy, serenity, abundance and intimacy.   If they can convert that story into something useful, something adult and mature, then sexual acting out actually feels quite silly.

My clients CAN and DO change their minds, as well as rid themselves of the shame based story that they currently call their sex life. Minds are like software. They have synaptic grooves—and they can make a new grooves. They can self create  new reactions to circumstances such as seeing a sexy woman, or man, in the grocery store. It can be different. Really.

I teach clients how to shed light on the mental and emotional parts of themselves that scream out to them to act in a sexually compulsive manner. You can read about this technique in my book, "Breaking the Cycle: "Free Yourself from Sexual Addiction, Porn Obsession and Shame" (Chapter Two).  Similar to the characters or actors in a story or movie, every one of us has these immature complexes or sub-personalities within ourselves might never grow up if we don't SEE them, then manipulate them into mature thoughts and actions. I teach my clients to do this through the use of dialogue. In essence, I get them to talk to themselves. Men say to me, "If I talk to myself I'll go crazy." I say back to them, "No my friend, if you talk to yourself, using this method, you'll go sane."

Below is a note and a dialogue from a client who wanted me to share his success with the world. He is allowing what he calls "God and Soul" to guide him rather than his addict. This is "Ralph."

By Ralph, A Recovering Sex Addict

This is a trying moment of overwhelming urge.  In times past I would not have hesitated to take action in pursuit of adrenaline buzz, intrigue, and a euphoric moment. I'm home alone with the old familiar mind tricks.  But today I made a choice.  My choice is to write this note to you [George] instead of letting my addictive mind have the day.  I'm typing this in a frenzy so as to oppose the mind directed urges.

Funny, that in a way it was sort of a painful choice. My mind feels  like I'm giving up some reward or something that I need to be able to cope with the day's stress. It is sort of "what I feel" vs. "what I know." This is a victory because I took the side of what I know is the right thing to do. As I sit here at the computer I try to examine how that I really feel. When I first sat down I felt like I was missing an opportunity to recall the intrigue and euphoria that triggers the compulsion to act.

The longer that I type the more I know that when I get up from this computer that I will feel good about myself and what I have accomplished this afternoon. I now realize that I had some triggers combined with HALT [hungry, angry, lonely, tired] that caused me to have those compulsive overwhelming urge.

Today I Have Won.

God and Soul must have helped me from slipping into that unconscious state of adrenaline/intrigue of which it is hard to return. I realize that I was right on the edge of no return to Now. I'm feeling better NOW and ready to get on with the day. This stuff WORKS!

Ralph talks to his God and Soul

Hello God and Soul (GS)

GS:     Hello and how are you doing
Me:     Well so far so good, as you know I spoke with my friend George last week after I had been in a tailspin.
GS:     Tailspin?
Me:     For about a week I had been totally caught up with action every time I had an overwhelming urge.  My addict personality had thrown me many reasons as to why acting out was a good idea.  It was unbelievable how quick the call to fantasy was and how I could not get enough of what would not satisfy.   I do not know where it began but one thing was for sure as soon as it started it was like a wind on a wildfire.
GS:     And then how did you feel?
Me:     Weak and out of control of my life. Living in a fantasy world not the real world.   Wasting valuable time. None of which were satisfying or that brought peace of mind
GS:     Peace of Mind feels pretty good; Huh?
Me:     Yes it does
GS:     It could become a way of life that would help you be free of shame and pain as it relates to your past life.
Me:     I know
GS:     Then always watch the mind as you know it is very susceptible to addictive influences that are always waiting to take over.
Me:      Yes, I know and Thanks.
Thanks for reading,


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