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George Collins Client Comments

George - Words can't express how much your counseling, guidance, and sensitivity has helped me come to terms with myself. I feel you have (we have) unlocked some more potential in me, helping me to become a better human being. I will always be indebted to you for the gentle way you've guided me on the right path to healthier living. Thanks for your understanding. -Steve

George, thank you so much for the "real life" that I've experienced since seeing you. I'm glad I didn't listen to my "friends," who said that it was ridiculous to fly up from L.A. to the Bay Area for weekly counseling sessions. I, actually, figured out that I've saved a bunch of money (considering what it cost for my addictive lifestyle). Thanks to our work my business is booming again and my wife and I are finally realizing what intimacy is all about. It surely isn't about high-end prostitutes. Intimacy: into-me-you-see. I'll never forget the moment you told me that. A light bulb went off. Hey, I still do get addictive impulses but, thanks to you, I know what to do about them. What a miracle! Thank you George. - In gratitude, Cary

Dear George - Of all the many people I have had the pleasure to know in this life, you are very special. By your kindness, understanding, and ability to do such good healing work, you have helped me so much. For this I am grateful. I will never forget you and the work we have done together. - John

George, you've allowed me to seek out a new life and new civilizations. I can now go where no man has gone before.... Oh, sorry that's James T. Kirk from Star Trek. Just allowing my creative side to come-out-of-the-closet so to speak has given me a chance at a career I never would have dreamed of. My inner "little Boy" has playmates and they all play fair. I owe you a great deal of gratitude for allowing me to believe in myself... and loving myself. - Fred

George, You said that, if I paid attention and did the work, that I would have no alternative but to, once and for all, face myself eye to eye. Done. And, as a result I find that I am finally accepting myself fully...forgiving myself...the heart holding (historic) mind stepping aside...more joy...less pain...more hope and resolve...less regret and worry. Living...loving...Ahhh...Yes................ With love my friend, Peter

George, It feels very good to "speak" to you (via email). I miss our male intimacy and the laughter and the lessons of our time together. It's very reassuring to have you there. I extend my love and thanks for the remarkable help you gave me. I SEE the world in a new way because of you and, I know, a growing self love and joy in my life. Damon

I just talked to Alan after your meeting today and we are just so Proud of him for making such a huge turn around. He is doing so great and I know he will continue. He has been doing so good in school getting the grades and making the Deans List. All this has become possible because of YOU, and Bob doing all the hard work to get there.

Thank you for being in our son's life and being his mentor. — Alan's parents

George -- I struggled with sex addiction from the time of my youth, without even realizing what it was. My addiction was primarily to phone sex and swinging - things that always sounded like fun when I started, but that rarely left me feeling like I had fun after I was done. I thought that after I got married, the problem would be over - but instead it continued, adding guilt and shame to the bad feelings I already had. After my first extramarital encounter, which was more traumatic and pathetic than it was sexy or exciting, I sought help. The program that my counselor put me on just wasn't helping me, though. I still kept going back to phone sex, Internet chat and occasional extramarital encounters.

After my most recent extramarital encounter, I knew I just couldn't go on like I had been. I was heading down a path that was going to eventually cause me to lose my family and my job just as surely as if I were shooting heroin. I wouldn't get to the same place as a junkie, or as quickly, but the road's not far away from that. I decided I had to find some help that actually would be effective. I didn't want endless talk therapy, or psychological drugs, or group therapy, or a 12-step program - primarily because I didn't believe I had a disease. I believed that I simply made bad choices and that I needed some tools to help me make better choices.

When I found George's web site, his approach to treatment appealed to me a lot. I emailed him my phone number. When he called me back, and explained how the process worked, I knew he was the right counselor for me. Over the course of several months, he helped me understand not only that my mental programming was several revisions too old, as it were, but how it got to be that way, and how to change it for the better. Although we explored childhood issues and how I got to be the way I am, George didn't linger on that, and instead actively worked with me to change how I think and how I respond to addictive stimulus in the here and now.

I am happier and more at peace that I have been for a long time, and I have George's wise and skillful counseling to thank for it. To anyone who is struggling with sex addiction, I cannot recommend his services highly enough. Thanks, George! — Ike

George, I'm clearly living life on a different frequency these days...there just isn't any doubt about this now. My life is so much different then what it was two years ago before I came in contact with you.

I can't even explain properly what it is that you've done exactly, it just is. George I'm forever grateful, the ones who love me are also forever grateful. You have touched me but also them.

Tomorrow is one of the most exciting days of my life. I go before a board of distinguished and highly established men to display my worth to the cause of this new job. I feel supreme confidence because the doors of this mind have been blown apart and I operate from the depth of my heart now. Thanks to you.

I'm so happy to be with you in this life. 
— Dan

George, It's a beautiful day...the end of suffering...the quieting of the mind is beautiful...I have always known I had a higher calling but I thought it was DOING. I never imagined it would be BEING!" — Allen

George, You are the man...I can't say enough to express my gratitude and admiration for you. If every young boy had a father like you to "teach" him the way to love and open their hearts....could you imagine what a world we would have? — Marcus

Its hard to believe but its been two years, this month, since I flew out there and saw you guys. And its been two years since I have had a prostitute. Its been a year and 4 months since I have had sex with someone other then my wife. I just want to thank you for all the help you guys have been these last two years It is great to be free and to be able to think right. I still got a lot of work to do my addict is still there just have a lot quieter voice. I look forward when I can start having sessions again which should be February when I hope to return to work. If so, I will kick it off by coming there at that time or soon afterwards. WOW! it feels great to have actually said this is the last time I will do this (act out), and it actually was the last time. It is a powerful feeling. You do not know how many times I found myself looking for a massage parlor saying this will be the last time, but I kept going back. With you guys help I actually was able to make the last time my last time. I look forward to seeing you guys again I hope we will all be able to go out and do something when I come out there again please let James know I wish to see him as well. Best wishes and God Bless and KEEP THE GREAT WORK UP! —Alan

Dear George – I so look forward to an annual update with you. Thank you for being the calm, reassuring, non-judgmental person you are. … Thank you so much, George, for the work that you do and for all the lives you help to restore. —Richard

I will always be forever grateful to you for getting my husband to a place where he can have a REAL relationship with his wife. Thank you! We just returned from an incredible few days together and I feel like, for the first time, he is going to give this stuff up for the real thing...WOW! What a breakthrough! I'm sure I don't need to tell you this, but the work you are doing is the most meaningful thing one can devote their time're saving a family from destruction. I am deeply appreciative. —Sincerely, Lila

George – What have you done to me? I am loving all that is (with tears of joy).—Mark

George  You've helped me to hear, through the din, my true voice; to forgive myself and to except the forgiveness of others; to stop and be quiet. And you've given me the tools to be sure that history remains history. In our talks I laughed more often than I cried, always felt at home, always left feeling both grounded and uplifted.  And, damn, those visualizations were intense! Thanks, George. — Matt

George, I continue to feel the magic of having found you, and the significance of my preparation, through all these years of therapy, to hear and receive the message that you have for me. I've always loved the native American tradition of letting the Uncle nurture and train the young men, removed from the close identification of the father, but with the love and interest an Uncle can bring. This was sorely missing in my own introduction to manhood...but as you like to say, "It's not too late." So, you are the kind and wise Uncle, removed from the personal expectations of the father, who is guiding me gently into a healthy, self-respecting manhood. Thanks.— Don

I've just finished watching the talk (on your website) at the (porn industry) event in Sacramento.... It was very powerful, highly commendable, and courageous of you to accept that invitation and speak your history and work...straight from the heart! You said things that are universally true and absolutely necessary. It was civil that you ended your speech by talking about a meeting of balance. Your honor and integrity continue to inspire me.— Edward

I just want thank you from the depth of my gut for the work you've done with me. I am very grateful to have you in my life. I'm looking forward to an 'adult' 2007. What a concept.— Marv

George -- Happy holidays. Thank you for your enormous contribution to our (my) world.— Love to you, Rob

Dear George,

I now believe that most of my life was a dress rehearsal for the role I find myself in now. So many things have happened in the last month and I can't describe them at all. I'm operating on a frequency that I never thought possible and I continue to meet amazing people and, somehow, gain their confidence. I don't know what to say anymore about this.

You told me that something like this was coming and I laughed. I thought you were just doing your job...part of the counseling. Men who can clear their mind (of addiction), even slightly, have great potential to help the world. I'm humbled by what I'm feeling and seeing in myself.

Touch more George. Touch more like me and help them out of the trap of sexual addiction. Thank you a million times over.

— Jeff


My attempt in my phone message was to tell you that you are such a wonderful part of my life. I cannot tell you what it meant to me to have you touch base over the weekend. Kind of like this- standing on sand but feeling steady- in comes the wave and loosens it under our feet. Your footing slips and the top layer of sand is pulled back out to sea right from under you. You can actually feel it move under you. Your toes dig into the sand that remains, the stuff that is still there. And you regain your balance. That's what you have been to me. The sand to dig into when I start to get unsteady. My support when I need to regain my balance. You know -- if you keep moving, it doesn't matter that the sand gets pulled away -- you just move over to the next spot and start again. But if you sit still, stay still and enjoy where you are at -- take it in -- then you have to learn to live with the shifting sand. That is what you are teaching me to do. Thank you.

— Jennifer

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