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Client Comments

George Collins Client Comments


George Collins, M.A.

After struggling with a porn obsession for my entire adult life I was on the brink of losing my 20 year marriage when I came to see George, in the United States, at Compulsion Solutions. I did his one week intensive. We worked real hard and, amazingly, I learned the origin of my compulsion and the tools to recognize the triggers and situations that led to acting out as well as the strategies that I can use to be in control of myself. Once the layers of my addiction were peeled away and exposed I learned that I could actually redirect that energy into a totally fulfilling relationship with my Wife. Thank you for everything.
Howard, Toronto, Canada

George, you convinced me that my behavior was never the "real me," it was my "false self." A coping strategy for deep rooted pain. I learned to stop, to forgive myself, and to love myself. To see myself for who I really am. My family and I are forever grateful. Thank You My Friend. -Pete

 Phone Message From A Client In a Strip Club !

This is an actual phone message we received from a former client who found himself in a strip club for business reasons. We asked him if we could use it on this website if we kept it anonymous. He replied, "Of course. You can quote anything I say if you feel like it will help another soul."  We believe that it could help you.

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James Gallegos Client Comments

Thank you for your ability to match my energy, and your personableness and humor that you bring to your job....very much appreciated.

James, as I told you recently, you have been supportive, non-judgmental, insightful, sometimes even funny, and always instrumental in my ability to see things in a new way and to begin the process of transformation. I also appreciate the fact that you've been where I am now and are further along the path, keeping me ON it and helping me along. Thanks so much.  -Bill

James, gratitude is not a quality I have had much in my life so far and I find myself awakening to it. I feel gratitude for you holding the space for me to be whoever I am in the moment. I feel gratitude for you dedicating your work to walking with others in this affliction that has caused you (yourself) so much suffering. I want to tell you that you are a pioneer. I think, at this point, I am just an intelligent and (driven by truth) mascot. -Aden

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Faye Reitman Client Comments

Faye Reitman

Faye Reitman came into my life at a time when I was desperately seeking help for my sex-addict husband. I ended up finding help for myself instead. I reached out… for him… because our world was falling down on our heads. I had given all I possessed to help him and to save the relationship, and as a result, I was losing my home, my financial security, my livelihood and my marriage. Not to mention my sense of dignity and self-esteem. Faye reached back… for me.

I had tried counseling a time or two. I came from a troubled family and a string or bad relationship choices. However, I became disenchanted with therapists and almost gave up believing there was someone out there who could help, until fate, and my last bit of faith, brought Faye my way.

Faye has been my mainstay through my journey back to a life I can call my own. It has been, and is, a long road, but she has been a wise and generous friend and counselor every step of the way. She has been many things to me… skilled, professional, funny, human, understanding. But above all of things she has been something simple, but rare in my world: reliable. A person to count on. I am glad every day that I made the call that brought Faye into my life. It is the best investment I ever made. —A Former Client

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Comments from Couples

George - Thank you for being there for me and now for Joan. The conference call session was awesome! A huge step forward for us. Super great. - Bill

Thank you for being there and teaching us about love. We cannot express our feelings of gratitude. - Love, Tom and Barbara

I wanted to give special thanks for all that you have guided us through over the course of the past eight months or so. The care and support we have received is immeasurable and we are truly grateful to you. - Susan

Letter From a Wife to Her Husband

I debated for a long time if I should send this to you. I wrote it for me, not to share with you, but when I was done, I thought that maybe it would be good for you to read it. So here is is...

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