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Celebrity Addiction Rehab: Not The Only Way To Do It

Celebrity Addiction Rehab: Not The Only Way To Do It

You may have read some news stories about celebrities checking into exclusive rehab centers to work on their sex addiction recovery or porn addictions. 

Certainly, this is fine. I’m sure that despite the media's focus on things like horseback riding and croquet at some of these exclusive treatment centers, there actually is a lot of intense sex addiction therapy happening inside the facility. It’s likely the celebrity is facing his or her demons as they work though their very real problems with professionals.

My only issue is that when the media tells stories about these celebrity rehab resorts, I’m concerned it might turn off the vast majority of “regular guys” who are struggling with the same kind of addiction.

Here's why I feel it's important to address this…

There's Nothing Exclusive About Rehab

It's not at all unheard of for a rehab resort to cost upwards of $40,000 a month. The average person couldn't possibly afford that kind of treatment, but that doesn't mean they're less deserving of help with porn addiction or sex addiction. I get concerned that many sex and porn addicts don't even realize that help is available and accessible to them right now.

It's difficult enough to admit that you're addicted to sex or porn. The shame and self-doubt that comes along with it is intense and often that keeps people from speaking up at all. Add onto those feelings the fear that sex addiction recovery is too expensive or too exclusive, and they may stay stuck in their addiction when they don't need to.

Eventually, You Have to Leave That Resort

I won't stand here and say that these resort-style rehab centers aren't effective. They've clearly helped many people. What I will say is that completely removing a person from everyday society might not be addressing the addiction on a basic level.

Our approach at Neulia Compulsion Solutions is to treat sex and porn addicts where they are, right now. I want to talk to you in your home, and at your job.  I want to give you the tools to tackle the things that are going to be all around you every day.

Going to an inpatient rehab facility can take you away from your triggers, but it might not be able to put you in the actual moment of your trigger and walk you through the process of taking back control when you need to the most. It's not at all unusual for me to drive with clients to porn shops, or to speak with them over the phone while they open up a porn site on their home computer in order to demystify their addictive feelings and behaviors. These lessons, though they may seem shocking or unorthodox to some, are crucial, in my opinion, to sex addiction recovery. I want you to be in charge of your own recovery BY YOURSELF from day one.

You Have to Do the Work if You Want to Be Well 

Getting away from it all can be good for your sex addiction recovery, but it has to happen for the right reasons. At Neulia Compulsion Solutions, we offer week-long intensives that can jump-start recovery and be very helpful in bringing addicts to a deeper understanding of themselves. They are NOT a “silver bullet” to client recovery.

Sex addiction recovery is hard work — there’s no way around that fact. We’re working to reprogram your brain and make it stop doing something it's been doing for years, if not decades. We're working to make it stop sexualizing and objectifying others and to instead see them as human beings. We're teaching your brain to see the value in intimacy over just sex. It takes some time and persistence, but it works because you work it.

If you are ready to begin the hard work of facing down your sex or porn addictions and taking back control of your life, you should know that help is available, and it doesn't require you to attend meetings or to check yourself into an expensive facility. You can get treatment right where you are — with all your daily stresses, thoughts and triggers — and learn how to deal with them constructively. We can help you GET THIS DONE. Right where you are.

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