Case Studies

Sex and Porn Addiction Case Studies for Men and Women

(Names and some circumstances have been changed to protect client anonymity)

Case Studies of Men

Ralph: 43, married, straight, two children, highly paid professional with a $2000.00 a week prostitute habit. Currently prostitute-free (and very happy about that) for seven years. Marriage saved and thriving. We still get Christmas cards with a picture of his beautiful family. Earnings actually increased twenty five percent due to freedom from obsessive sex.

Bill: 56, never married, straight, school teacher who obsessively cruised local prostitute haunts for “street bargains.” Also addicted to cruising the net for prostitute ads and pictures. Compulsive masturbation. While in counseling changed careers, realized his actual potential and got an advanced degree. Now has the job he loves AND George Collins acted as the “minister” for his beautiful wedding last year up on the Sonoma Coast.

Bob: 39, gay, retail worker/underachiever. Obsessed with cruising parks, bathhouses, and locker rooms. Admittedly, 90% of his time (on an average day) was thinking about sex and how to get it. While in counseling realized his true potential and founded what has become an extraordinarily successful small business of his own. P.S. He’s in a solid committed relationship and loving it.

Bruce: 49, law enforcement officer (from out of the Bay Area), straight, one teenage son, obsessed with looking at women (in a sexual way/objectification), purchasing and masturbating to DVD’s, swing clubs, some substance use. Hours and hours of work and personal time spent on sexually obsessive behavior. While in counseling converted his obsessive thinking into job satisfaction and spiritual pursuits. He’s also a positive influence on his son and no longer an absent father.

Ron: 36, straight, married, ran a landscape service, one teenage daughter, came to me in confusion about intimacy (“into me you see”), used porn to stimulate himself because of his lack of understanding of what an intimate relationship could be. While in counseling realized that what he already HAD (with his wife) was all he ever needed. As he understood his true relationship with women and sexual matters, he became incredibly close to his wife and now believes that, “porn is a bad joke.” In his last check-in he assured me that he is quite enjoying “real sex with a real woman.”

Billy: 26, gay, single, compulsive cruising (bars) and book stores (glory holes), musician, some substance use, played “other people’s music.” During the course of our work he realized that all the vast energy that he drained on his sexually compulsive behavior could be used to write his OWN music and follow his bliss (instead of the downward spiral of addictive behavior). Has recorded and sold his music with a great deal of success. No longer cruises bars and bookstores (too busy with his delightful boyfriend of two years and successfully performing at high end venues).

Case Studies of Women

Joan: Single, 26, straight, housewife, incest survivor, no children, multiple affairs, sex and fantasy addict,individual and couples work complete, marriage saved and now thriving, finally ready to start the family she had always wished for.

Tiffany: Single, 39, highly paid marketing professional, one-night-stands, sought out unavailable (for relationship) inappropriate men (and women) for casual sex, individual phone work paid off in major job upgrade and long term (loving) relationship.

Rita: Married, 56, part time worker/homemaker, 2 children, addicted to fantasy, porn, and chat room sex talk, self esteem issues overcome, husband also a former client of Compulsion Solutions, happy ending (so far), Intimacy issues explored and remedied, couple finally “met” for real.