BREAKING THE CYCLE: Free Yourself From Sex Addiction, Porn Obsession, and Shame

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by George Collins, M.A., Director of Compulsion Solutions

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Overview of Breaking the Cycle

In his practice with hundreds of clients over 20 years, George Collins, a former sex addict, has developed techniques to successfully teach sex addicts to confront the negative energy that fuels the addiction and turn that energy into positive life changes, including true intimacy.Breaking the Cycle puts Collins’ proven approach into easily-digestible chapters that are lessons in change, with detailed information, interesting examples, and life-changing exercises.

From the Author, George Collins

“This no-nonsense book is designed to help you start on the road to recovery and stay on it. If you do what it says, you can lessen or change the impact of sexually compulsive behavior. It’s what I do. At Compulsion Solutions, we help people get well.” – George Collins, M.A., Director of Compulsion Solutions and former sex addict

Comments about the Book

“It’s about time someone wrote a book like this. Your book has helped me strap on a pair and stop letting myself be bullied by this addiction. I feel like there is finally hope for my life.” – A Reader from Canada

“You are on the brink of helping millions of men. Being that guy “Bob” at the opening of the book brought tears and shame to me when I first saw it. I had blocked the pain and shame I guess, then when I began reading my guard came down. I am forever grateful…..” – Tim, Albuqureque, New Mexico

“I’ve known George Collins both personally and professionally for many years as I also do sex addiction counseling. George does great work with clients from all over the country. He leads with his heart and is a true healer. This book summarizes and applies over twenty-five years of his work with hundreds of clients. The book is practical and presents, in its simple clarity, excellent exercises to progressively free oneself from the grip of the compulsion. Most of all, it provides hope and explains how if readers actually practice using the practical skills described, they can, indeed, be free of sexually compulsive behavior.”
– Mark Robinett, MFT, San Francisco & San Rafael, CA

“The techniques described in this book helped save my life and put me on a path to happiness, fulfillment and prosperity. George has found a way to turbo charge recovery. These methods, however, require work and dedication. They are powerful and practical. I look back in amazement at how they slowly unlocked the chains of my addiction and despair. Thank you for all this.”
– Frank, sex addict in recovery

“George’s courageous self revelation of his own sex addiction has helped hundreds of men and women to find what is “essential” inside. His conversation with the prostitute and client was itself worth the cost of the book!”
– Don L. Mathews MFT, Director, Impulse Treatment Center

“This is gripping stuff, and a real page-turner of a book. The frequent real life stories have the ring of authenticity. And the dialogue is unmistakably real. Your use of trenchant, memorable lines, like, “you can’t get enough of won’t satisfy you” really gets the message across.”
– Bob, sex addict in recovery

“There have been times I have thought about calling you and I have opted, instead, to practice some of the things you taught me and used those moments as reminders that I can heal myself. Please know that I remain grateful for all you have contributed to me. Can’t wait to buy your book!! With great thanks.”
– Jason, sex addict in recovery

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