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Terry Crews: If He Can Admit His Porn Addictions, So Can You!

One of the biggest foes faced by sufferers of porn addiction is the media. The very idea that someone could be addicted to porn is easily and often dismissed in news stories, op-eds, and even joking tweets. This kind of rhetoric is damaging in many ways, not the least of which being that it prevents […]
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Doing Dumb Things On My Smartphone

It may be difficult to think of a time when we were sans smartphones...or even a plain cell phone for that matter. Technological advances in personal electronics, particularly the mobile phone, have come fast and furiously. In the early 2000’s, capabilities such as email, fax and web browsing became mainstays. In 2007, Apple’s iPhone came […]
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3 Signs Your Spouse Suffers From Sex Addiction

If you think about it there is a lot that can go wrong in a marriage. Divorce rates are at the highest point they’ve ever been. Something that people don’t often realize is that sex addiction can cause marital distress, and eventually divorce, if it isn’t treated. Here are three ways to find out if […]
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How Dangerous Is Your Porn Addiction?

Addiction can kill. Anyone who has ever watched a family member or friend succumbs to alcoholism, or overdose on drugs can tell you that. Yet, when talking about porn addiction, many people see it as less serious and less deadly. Certainly, there is more inherent risk in sharing needles than there is in opening a […]
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Power and Sex Addiction: What Hollywood Scandals Are Telling Us

With the flood of sexual harassment and abuse stories coming out of Hollywood recently, you might think the phone of a sex and porn addiction counselor would be ringing off the hook as hundreds of people call in to seek help. Personally, I'd like to see that happening, because it would be a sign that […]
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I Married A Sex Addict

Sex sells. I know this first hand. I modeled for bikini calendars. I did photo shoots in lingerie and tiny bikinis to sell men's magazines. I worked at promotional events in barely-there, cleavage-showing outfits in order to attract male clientele. I was that woman in the magazines that boyfriends and husbands would lust after. I […]
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Self-Criticism vs Self-Compassion

Examining your sexual compulsive behavior, you may find that negative feelings often drive the need to act out sexually. Kind of makes sense, doesn’t it? If you’re feeling lousy it’s a natural reaction to search for other things to cope or deal with those feelings so you can opt to escape and feel better—even if […]
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