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Sex & Love Addiction from a Buddhist Perspective

In the land of the strange but true, as a former Tibetan Buddhist nun I fell in love with and married a man who counsels sex addicts and who is a recovering sex addict himself. Joining him in his counseling practice has allowed me a look into the lives of many people who have struggled […]
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Money Won't Protect You From Porn Addiction: Why We Should Pay Attention to Chris Rock

Chris Rock has been relatively silent for the past few years. This comedy powerhouse who became famous for his standup routines, sitcoms, and his movie roles suddenly seemed to fall off the map. About a week ago, he reemerged with a new one-hour comedy special, and thousands of people sat down and tuned in to […]
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Learning To Be Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

There’s a saying in addiction that we act out what we don’t feel. The acting out behavior becomes a numbing device so that we can avoid feelings, thoughts, or experiences—often unconsciously. To feel or experience these things can be very uncomfortable. Most of us, people in recovery or not, can’t even tolerate being uncomfortable for […]
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