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The TRUTH About Being Married To A Sex Addict

He swore on his children’s lives that he wasn’t having an affair. He said someone must have broken into his email account. He kept reassuring his wife that it was nothing. Finally, she got access to all of his phone records and his secret receipts. She also found a second cell phone he accidentally left […]
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Like many men, I thought my pornography sexual addiction was a dirty little secret known only to me. However, my wife started picking up on the “signs,” such as how I was not really “there” in our relationship, how I frequently had trouble “finishing” during sex, and how I had a general lack of interest […]
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George’s Story: I Stopped My Porn Addiction, And You Can Too

It took losing two wives before I finally admitted to myself that my use of porn was a serious problem. I finally realized I that porn and masturbation was running my life. That’s when I took the very big step (for me at the time) of calling a therapist to help me.   How did […]
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5 Signs A Little Bit of Porn Has Become a Big Problem

All guys do it, right?  It doesn't mean you have a problem. It's not an addiction, is it? Why can't I watch a little porn?   The problem for some men is that sex is an addictive substance, similar to alcohol and drugs.  Think of it in terms of social drinkers vs. alcoholics: one can […]
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Dopamine and Your Porn Addiction

There’s a lot of talk about how the dopamine receptors in your brain influence addictive behavior. Does dopamine feed addiction? What role does dopamine play when it comes to your brain and pornography? Here’s what you need to know: 1. Dopamine itself is not actually addictive. Contrary to popular belief, dopamine is not actually addictive […]
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