A Couple’s Guide to Sexual Addiction

A Step-by-Step Plan to Rebuild Trust and Restore Intimacy

Healing Couples from Sex and Porn Addiction

by Paldrom Catharine Collins and George Collins, M.A.
If your relationship has been rocked by sexually compulsive behavior, this book will provide you and your partner with concrete tools and guidelines to not only save your relationship, but take it to new depths of understanding, love, and connection.
Paldrom and George present a refreshing new approach for couples struggling with the issue of sexually compulsive behaviors such as excessive pornography and masturbation, frequenting prostitutes or strip clubs, serial affairs, and other acting out behaviors.



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This book helps couples dealing with Sex Addiction or Porn Addiction in:

*Getting Past the Shock

*Rebuilding Your Relationship

*Working with Shame and Blame

*Undefended Honesty

*Working with Strong Feelings and Emotions

*Building Intimacy

This book takes readers by the hand and gently and compassionately leads them from the pain and disillusionment of a relationship shattered and betrayed through a forest of confusing past and present influences toward a future based on trust, vulnerability, and the joy of true intimacy.


Couples can learn to:

*Explore barriers to relationship trust and intimacy

*Become comfortable with undefended honesty

*Discover their role in the mutual dance of relationship

*Learn to express themselves honestly and responsibly

*Rebuild trust, discover how vulnerability fosters intimacy

*Reconnect with their partner to restore a relationship that is even stronger and more intimate than before.





Trying to put Humpty Dumpty together again is how I can best describe my marriage to a sex addict. If you decide to try and put it together again, where do you start? Surround yourself with a ton of support and read books like this. It’s a great guide for couples trying to recover from such a taboo and insidious addiction. The Collins have provided a simple (not always easy) guide to help couples navigate and endure the slow, difficult, and often painful process of rebuilding a relationship. Thank you Paldrom and George!!!

This book saved my marriage. When you are in the throes of sex addiction, and spiraling back to sanity you need a place to get simple information you can use to help save your relationship. This book has it. It’s a book for the couple in the trenches. If you’re at the place where you have decided that you’d rather have a real woman instead of a prostitute or pixels this book is for you. Buy it to show your woman that you want to save the relationship. It’s better than flowers, trust me. This book is exactly what it says it is, a step-by-step guide.

A must read! This book is a life-saver for couples who have been lost in the misery and pain of sex addiction. The real life stories of couples who have not only survived, but thrived, are inspirational. This book is warm, loving and full of valuable information. The tools offered are beautifully written and encouraging. I recommend this book to couples everywhere who are in need of guidance and just plain help.

Improve your relationship. I cannot express how refreshing it was to see how the problems that I have been dealing with my entire life and for the 26 years that I have been married were so eloquently laid out in this book. When reading this book Paldrom breaks down in practical terms what a sex addict is and all of the behaviors associated. Once she has done this Paldrom clearly lays out what is needed to be done to put back (or in my case create) the foundations of a healthy and functional relationship. The book is written in practical and day-to-day terms and is not theoretical. Being a sex addict for my entire adult life and having a dysfunctional marriage I feel this book has helped me find something I never had which is love and intimacy.

This book helped me re-discover my self-esteem. When I found out that my mate had a sexual-compulsion addiction I was shattered. Learning I had been lied to broke my heart. By grace, I found George and Paldrom Collins and their books. From some counseling with both of them and their books, I began to see that my mate’s addiction was not the core of who he was. I came to understand that his addiction was as upsetting to him as it was to me. I found forgiveness and entered a road to individual recovery as well as couples’ recovery. The self-hatred that had sprouted up in the ordeal turned to self-love and self-nurturing. Truthfully, if I had not have found George, Paldrom and their books, I don’t think any healing would have happened for me. Our relationship would have fallen apart and I would have left permanently scarred in my heart.

These counselors and books have been a true lifeline for my relationship and myself as an individual. Finding a deeper peace that could sustain the growing pains as my mate and I embarked upon his changes/our changes/my changes became very tangible and real with their help. This is an ongoing process which is supported very well by “A Couple’s Guide to Sexual Addiction: A Step-by-Step Plan to Rebuild Trust and Restore Intimacy.”

The exercises coupled with the compassionate care for women who are partners of men with sexual addictions helped me to re-discover my self-esteem. That self-esteem which I had taken for granted was altered profoundly when I first found out about my mate’s addiction. The book helped me to temper that self-esteem with compassion for all beings.

I find true forgiveness with clarity about what I need in order to move forward each day. I discover what my limits are with help from this book. I learn in new ways, on-goingly, that this unfortunate happening has turned out to be a blessing of a doorway into very beautiful and positive transformation. What seemed un-healable has created many openings of healing with more to come, I am certain.

As a sex addictions and couples counselor for many years, I can attest that this book is an invaluable addition to the literature and paves new ground in showing couples how to overcome difficulties to achieve more joyous, intimate, and rewarding lives, both in their relationships and as individuals.
– Faye Reitman, MFT, Seattle, Washington


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